TSSW Knowledge Hub

The Knowledge Hub gives voluntary organisations in Wales easy access to a range of online information, networking and learning.

Organisations can register for free at thirdsectorsupport.wales to access a bank of high quality information sheets and online training courses designed for the voluntary sector in Wales. Users can also benefit from the ‘Your Network’ area of the Knowledge Hub, where peers in the sector come together to connect with others, share good practice and support each other.

There have been a number of improvements to the Knowledge Hub since it was launched including:

  • A suite of new E-learning courses and online resources
  • A more tailored experience giving users more control and helping them find the content that’s most relevant to them

All of the materials available on the Knowledge Hub are completely free to access.

Third Sector Support Wales is a network of support organisations for the whole of the voluntary sector in Wales. It consists of the 19 local and regional support bodies across Wales, the County Voluntary Councils (CVCs) and the national support body, WCVA.