Community-led care: Solutions to social care issues.’

We are delighted to announce that Cwmpas has secured investment from the National Lottery Community Fund for a ‘test and learn’ project enabling communities to have voice and control over their care.

Approximately £290k is being invested in two projects that will test two different models of community-led care, aimed at providing a solution to social care issues. Both models will demonstrate that early community care interventions are affordable, viable and sustainable solutions to the care crisis.

The two local project partners that will support Cwmpas in this ‘test and learn’ project are Action in Caerau and Ely (ACE) in Cardiff, which will test the ‘ACE Cares’ urban model, and Pembrokeshire Association of Voluntary Services (PAVS) which will test the ‘Preseli Cares’ rural model, with Cwmpas leading both partners. The project title is ‘Community-led care: Solutions to social care issues.’

Through its work with these partners, and with reshaping social care delivery ‘front and centre’, Cwmpas aims to demonstrate the following:

  1. Community-led care enables people to have a voice and be in control of their care
  2. Early ‘upstream’ intervention of community care can prevent the need for more complex statutory care
  3. A Co-productive approach, facilitating and harnessing the strengths and assets in communities, allows people to confidently take ownership of care provision
  4. Community-led care is sustainable and a real and affordable option
  5. It can leave a lasting legacy. 

The aim is for Cwmpas to provide information to a Wales-wide network of community-groups wanting to establish their own community-led care services and assist them to directly engage with statutory stakeholders around the findings and evidence from the test and learn project. Cwmpas will influence regional and local commissioning structures to support the transformation of social care in Wales through the data and evidence gathered via the ‘test and learn’ project. This is particularly important in helping deliver the vision set out in the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act.

If you would like to be involve in the Preseli Cares project, contact Jo Hobson, Development Officer Tel. 07977358711

REQUEST FOR QUOTE – Addressing Poverty Research


PAVS has been awarded funding from the UK Community Renewal  Fund to commission a narrative-based research programme to capture people’s lived experiences of financial hardship/poverty and their ideas for making things better in future. The outcome of the research will be used as the basis for a co-produced plan for tackling poverty in Pembrokeshire.

The research will aim to understand the barriers experienced by workless and low-income households to secure employment or increase their income; what they can contribute, and what help would make a real difference. The research will engage with young people and families experiencing poverty, individuals who are economically inactive or unemployed, individuals who are experiencing in-work poverty, and people who are digitally excluded.

If you are interested in being part of the team, please send a short expression of interest to by 5pm Friday 29th July 2022

We welcome applications from freelance consultants working individually or in partnership with others, or from organisations offering consultancy support.

What is co-production?

The Co-production Network for Wales definition is as follows:

Co-production is an asset-based approach to public services that enables people providing and people receiving services to share power and responsibility, and to work together in equal, reciprocal and caring relationships. It creates opportunities for people to access support when they need it, and to contribute to social change.

You can read more about co-production here

The Co-production Network for Wales are running several workshops which may be of interest on topics including Co-production and Unpaid Carers, Co-production & Leadership, How to Implement Co-production and Co-production & Young People. For more information on these workshops, click here

PAVS are members of the Wales Co-production Network with 5 Co-production Champions on the PAVS staff team.